Top left: honey charsiew bao @ $4.70
Top right: charcoal chicken & shrimp siewmai @ $5.20
Bottom left: baked custard bun @ $5.90
Bottom right: steamed crispy chee cheong fun @ $5.50

Came to the new outlet as it was nearer to get to from where we were. Asked the staff if the old outlet is still around and she says yes and this new outlet has got less items than the old outlet.

I recalled the honey charsiew bao from the old outlet was very good but over here the skin is a bit too thick and the filling a bit too little even though the bun is still quite soft. The baked custard bun might have been better with the traditional one as the exterior has a bit of polo bun taste and stole the show a bit from the custard.

The siewmau was alright, quite normal. The chee cheong fun was probably the best item among the 4.