Have visited Xin Yuan Ji at bugis outlet before for fish soup, but this is my first time at their bukit batok outlet and trying their fish head steamboat for the first time!

🧡signature fish head steamboat: enjoyed the soup! The fish was quite thick slice portions! It has silken tofu too! I only wished more yam was given though as we only got one tiny slice of yam.
🧡oatmeal prawn: my favourite oatmeals! Wished the prawns could be fresher though
🧡pickle raddish beancurd: quite an interesting dish as i dont see this dish often elsewhere. The sauce was more on the sweet than salty side! Very soft beancurd that is like silken tofu texture!
🧡thai style chicken: love the thai sauce that is drenched over the juicy fried chicken!
🧡homemade yam paste: was expecting orh nee like yam, but this had more coconut milk!