Whilst Tai Cheong has always been famous for their egg tarts, I tried their HK style snack bar for lunch.

We ordered their Triple Eggs Spam Macaroni ($9.90), HK Dry Noodles ($11.90), Fried Radish Cake ($7.50), Iced Honey Lemon ($3.20) and Iced Milk Tea ($3.20).

Although on the pricey side, the food tasted legit. The HK Dry Noodles is actually a dry version of the ubiquitous 车仔面 in Hong Kong. Along with the dry noodles, you get two curry fried fishballs, 4 pieces of boiled cuttlefish, 2 slices of sausage and two braised mid joint wings. My advice would be to mix some of the curry and some of the braised sauce into the dry noodles. Yummy.

The macaroni was normal but the soup was refreshingly clear chicken soup. The spam was fried and cut into strips and added on top of the triple sunny side up fried eggs so that it does not become soggy immediately. I did think taking the three eyes char Siew rice concept of adding three sunny side up eggs was a bit too much but if you like eggs, why not.

Lastly, the surprise was the fried carrot cake. Again a big portion, you get plenty of radish cut into 3 by 3 centimetre cubes in the carrot cake. Very generous with the eggs and preserved radish too! Goes well with the chilli provided.

But the restaurant is run in a pretty chaotic fashion. My advice is to come early to get a table. Grab Food delivery riders and people who show up to order take away competes with the staff for their attention. The kitchen is well run but the drinks station is a mess. Drinks were made and not served, or simple not made or made and packed for delivery riders and left on a table outside, not together with the food ordered.

I hope they get their act together cause the food the serve is awesome in taste. One of the more legit Cha Chaan Tieng in Singapore.