Some things are worth making effort for, and waking up extra-early to be second in line at @lunecroissant is one of those things.

The industrial-looking space at Lune Croissanterie’s Fitzroy cafe is a sight to behold; the main feature being the glass-walled kitchen where customers can openly watch and gape at the chefs manhandling the dough – expertly, of course.

The croissants themselves take a tedious 3 days to be prepped (I watched the process on the latest season of Masterchef AU), and for all that labour, the proof is in the pudding – or should I say, pastry?

The plain Croissant is a triumph. Its outer sheath is baked a glorious, glossy golden-brown, while its inner folds are buttery and pillowy.

On any day, the Ham & Gruyere rendition is the type of savoury breakfast I wouldn’t mind indulging in, and the Cruffin filled with vanilla bean custard is a beautiful mess that I wouldn’t mind polishing off.

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