Pairing red wine with non meat dishes feels like sacrilege, but @newubinseafood has pulled it off perfectly. Pairing this Brigaldara Valpolicella with Lup Cheong Egg Fuyong & Popiah Chai was an inspired decision. This light bodied red wine was an excellent palate cleanser with its notes of cherry, oak, and a bit of pepper, making it suited for sipping between bites of food.⠀

The Popiah Chye is just the carrots & radishes that form every roll of popiah, but pimped up with the inclusion of copious amounts of hae bi (dried shrimp). The dried shrimp add a deep salty flavour to the subtly sweet veggies, and the light, refreshing crunch of the carrots & radishes are a delight to munch through. With veg this good, everyone will be clamouring to clean the plate of veggies. And of course, clean your palate with the vibrant Valpolicella after each bite.⠀

Thank you for hosting us, @newubinseafood!

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