[Muslim-Owned, Halal Ingredients] Got around to trying Moosh’s softserve the other day with a friend! They’re best known for their Ondeh-Ondeh Softserve which sees a cup of softserve swirls lined with their neon green sauce, but I decided to go for their Apple Crumble instead. 🍎

If there’s one thing good about their softserve, it’s that you’ll find that you’re getting a portion actually proportionate to its price – not too little, but not too much either. A regular-sized version of this set me back by $4.50; $2 more had I opted for an upsize.

Yet, I’d say that its taste doesn’t quite seem to strike the right note for me. Its texture was unmistakably dense and it embodied a fair bit of chunkiness (the kind that would make you want to actually bite the ice-cream). Flavour-wise, it had this peculiar kiss of tang which I found slightly off-putting for something that presents itself as an unassuming dessert. 🧐 And the other ingredients in this weren’t exactly unique or robust in flavour either.

Ultimately though, I wouldn’t classify this as bad at all; I think it just left more to be desired. (6.8/10)