Chanced upon their Barachirashi Don online and thought it was worth the try; WTF Coffeehouse and Bar is situated within Hotel Innotel near Dhoby Ghaut and is accessible through Penang Lane (the small alley between the former Park Mall and Singapore Shopping Centre).

I would say that the sashimi cubes may not be top-notch quality, but it kinda reciprocates the price tag of $15.90 before GST and service charge and every set is entitled to free flow soup (more of the Chicken Rice soup; definitely not Miso going on here), coffee and tea. Marinated with a house made sauce, the chunks of salmon and tuna were all pretty savoury; rather heavy marination going on in here and comes with small shrimp and even scallops on the side (which I personally could do without). The rice is drizzled in a semi-sweet, yet savoury sauce and coats quite a fair bit of the bed of warm Japanese rice it sits atop, with Ikura added also for a burst of umami flavours. The wasabi is pretty strong as well, sending in punches of numbness to the tongue which is immensely shiok in between spoons of sashimi and rice.

(PS: avoid the couch seats if you must; they are too low for comfort especially if you are intending to have a full course meal here.)