Always curious about Chai Ho's satay and bak kwa since there's always long queues especially during CNY. Both chicken and pork satays are available, well marinated and BBQ-ed over charcoal. Some sticks were charred though, while some had tiny pieces of meat, but well, what more to ask for at a cheap price of 42 cents per stick! They also sell the raw ones at 36 cents per stick.

But what really stood out is the peanut sauce. Each dip was nothing but full of chopped peanuts! Just couldn't stop eating the sauce even after finishing the satays. You could really taste the fragrant aroma of roasted peanuts in the sauce, without it being too oily or spicy. Don't think I have ever come across a stall with satay sauce like this! I was given a huge pack of sauce even when I only bought 10 sticks of satay. Btw, refills of sauce seemed to be allowed for customers eating there!

Also got some bak kwa ($38/kg). The sweetness of the honey glazed bak kwa reminded me of those I have eaten during my childhood days. Each slice was of reasonable thickness and tenderness, which was nice to chew without hurting my teeth!


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