Burger Buddies replaces the former El Jefe Corner stall at [email protected] Pinnacle, serving up mainly burgers.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from the Duck Burger considering the beef burgers are usually the main star of any burger establishment, but to my surprise this was actually done pretty well. Essentially duck confit in a burger, the burger sees an entire duck confit shredded, though still largely intact while coming with cheddar cheese, rocket and mandarin orange wedges in between the toasted sesame seed buns. There is a choice to opt for either fries or salad to go along with the burger which I went with the former. The duck meat was crisp, reasonably tender and actually rather savoury, with the Mandarin oranges bursting with flavour to counter the slight bitterness of arugula and giving a break in between the duck. What I felt personally that made the burger feel so good was the toasted sesame seed buns; totally and consistently crisp throughout the surface with a light buttery flavour but still maintained a fluffiness within — the bun was actually so good that I had the top bun alone halfway through the burger by hand. Even the fries are splendid; fried fresh upon order, they were served piping hot and crisp with a rather manageable portion that leaves one satisfyingly full without almost tipping the scale to inch into bloatedness. Definitely excited to try their Beef Burger some day if I ever end up at [email protected] Pinnacle again!