Absolutely couldn't resist the call of dim sum!😋

Steamed Shanghai Pork Dumpling (3 pcs) (RM 11.50)👍
Soup and meat magic in a bite! A savoury surprise in a single mouthful.
Steamed Rice Roll with Prawn (RM 11.50)👍
Freshness by the order, a roll of pure yum! Prawn-filled gifts wrapped in deliciousness.
Portuguese Egg Tart (RM 8.80)👍
Gobbled up before you could say "cheese"! So good, it's like a magic trick that makes tarts vanish. No pic evidence – just pure flavour action!
Steamed Beancurd Roll in Sweet & Sour Sauce (RM 8.80)🙂
It's a solid "okay" – not stealing the limelight, but still adding a dash of saucy charm to the dim sum lineup.
Steamed Pork Spare Ribs with Black Bean (RM 9.90)👌
Tasty, tender, and a good chew! Satisfying trio of meaty goodness.
Steamed Phoenix Feet with Oyster Sauce (RM 9.90)👊
Sweet, saucy, and full of flavour!
Steamed Prawn Crystal Dumpling (RM 9.90)🙂
A bit meh, just a regular bite. These crystal dumplings might not be the stars, but they still bring a touch of flavourful familiarity.
Poached Shrimp Dumpling with Szechuan Chilli Oil (RM 9.90)👌
Big, vinegary, and packing a punch! A tangy adventure that awakens the senses.
Deep-fried Yam Puff with BBQ Pork (RM 9.90)😎
Crispy, fluffy, and packed with BBQ pork goodness! Crunchy bites of joy.
Siew Mai (RM 9.90)👌
A dependable choice as always. They are like old friends at the dim sum party.
Stuffed Bitter Gourd (RM 9.90)😊
Overflowing with flavour! These gourds are like a surprise package, stuffed to the brim with deliciousness.
Deep Fried Fu Zhok with Shrimp Dumpling (RM 9.90)☺️
Crispy perfection on the outside, flavour burst on the inside. A crispy delight.
Stir Fried Radish Cake with Beansprout (RM 8.50)😋
A satisfying mix of wok hei and savoury goodness. Comfort food with a side of excitement.
Steamed Sticky Rice with Lotus Leaf (RM 11)😋
Sticky, scrumptious, and wrapped in lotus leaf charm. Pockets of flavourful happiness.
Mini Paper Wrapped Chicken (RM 11)🥰
Not-so-mini on the deliciousness scale! Tender treasures, full of savoury allure.

Final verdict? Despite the steep pricing, dim sum delights shine at Cha Lao! From dumplings to tarts, the journey is worth every bite.
🚩茶楼 Cha Lao Dim Sum, G-6, Ground Floor, Holiday Villa, 260, Jalan Dato Sulaiman, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
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