Customers can pre-order on the e-store (link below) and participating outlets from 18 April onwards and collection commences from 9 May to 3 June.

One of the new savoury rice dumpling additions include the Roasted Iberico Pork Belly with Hokkaido Conpoy Dumpling ($11.60) which contains a bountiful amount of Iberico pork belly cuts, that have been simmered and braised until fork-tender, wrapped together with Hokkaido conpoy-infused glutinous rice. For people with a sweet tooth, you will surely like the Petite Peach Gum with Yuzu Peel Crystal Jelly Dumpling ($8.40 for 3 pcs), a twist on the savoury dumplings but this time round it is sweet and eaten chilled. The crystal jelly dumpling is shaped into a pyramid using nourishing peach gum, wolfberries and yuzu peel.

Jadeite members and Citi and UOB cardmembers will get to enjoy e-store discount of 12% off any rice dumpling purchase with additional 3% off when using the promo code 22RD3. For instore, there is the trio bundle of 2 roasted iberico pork belly dumpling and 1 classic five-spiced pork rice dumpling in which members can enjoy a 15% off from the usual price of $31.40.
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