If you are someone who is picky about what's in your bibimbap, you'd be happy to know that you have full discretion in choosing the ingredients here. Choose between purple rice/quinoa, 1 meat, 3 complementary sides and the original gochujang or a non-spicy sauce.
I love purple rice for its nuttier taste, and they cooked it really well so I was able to enjoy its slight chewy texture as well. Although the default only allows you to choose 3 sides, they gave quite a generous amount of each. However, I am one who enjoys a good ol' traditional bibimbap and found myself missing the crunch from a wider variety of fresh vegetables and a more intense sesame taste. This felt more like eating a salad version of the bibimbap instead of the original dish.
Definitely not a bad dish, but just not something I might count on to fix an authentic Korean cuisine craving.