Update: gotta give credit where credit is due. Good marketing scam. "Best cheesecake in town" with a price tag to match. I was sold. Nvm I'll just think of it as taking one for the team #teamburpple

Nonetheless I'm a fan of Alma so the Alma collaboration dessert might still be good. I'm the fool for not choosing their signature

With(tasteless) tea pairing

Pretentious. The cheesecake was unique in that it had a butter cookie taste, but that was balanced by the lack of a normal cheesecake taste lol. Much rather have a slice from Henri Charpentier next door, for a quarter of the price. The sour accompaniment didn't mesh with this at all.

Overpriced af esp considering the ambience or lack thereof, it's in a shopping centre with people walking past consistently

Most importantly it isn't even that good as a cheesecake or as a dessert

Fine dining can be intimidating for most people who feel like they are "inexperienced" and "can't appreciate the food". Ya well nonetheless you should voice your opinion, please don't think just cos the food isnt to your taste it's your fault for being unable to appreciate. Sometime it honestly just sucks lol, you deserve to have something good, something you enjoy if you're paying that kind of money. And don't be afraid to come across as an idiot(who can't appreciate fine dining) because again, you're already paying that kind of money, why "lose" the money just cos you're paiseh? Good food is good food, I think sometimes even if it's not up your alley u can tell it's a lot of effort, the execution is good, someone else might be able to appreciate it etc. So if it's actually bad feel free to let everyone know about it also.