From Sugarhaus X Fat Belly — currently a collaboration, Fat Belly now occupies a small area within Sugarhaus at Serene Centre that serves up only beef dishes and sides with a few plated desserts over a bar counter dining area that takes up the back of the shop.

The original order of the Flat Iron Steak comes with garden salad and chimchurri sauce (not pictured), but we also opted for the Sautéed Thyme Mushrooms and Creamed Kale at $5 each. We didn't specify the doneness here, but the beef was seared and came with a pink centre— overall pretty tender and cut along the grain thus easy to chew. While the chimchurri sauce helps to add a pesto-like flavour with a tang to cut the meatiness, I preferred it with a simple sprinkle of the salt provided on the side to ante the flavours up a little. The garden salad which accompanied the dish was a simple toss up of leafy greens and cherry tomatoes in vinaigrette; the Creamed Kale features a mix of creamy and garlicky flavours amidst the kale while the mushrooms were earthy and garlicky with chunky bite.