We are back to VeganBurg to try their other vegan burgers and today, we decided to try out the smoky BBQ burger! Instead of a meat patty, the eatery used a mushroom patty for this one and you can really taste the mushrooms in it! It was also nice that VeganBurg provided a generous serving of BBQ sauce, although we felt they could have gone easier on the sauce as it was literally dripping out of the burger, which made it harder to eat.

The seaweed fries, on the other hand, were pretty disappointing as they tasted like regular fries (the harder and firmer type) and there was almost zero hint of seaweed on it. If we had a choice, we wouldn't have upgraded to a meal (~$16) and stuck with the a la carte burger order. Serving size of the fries, however, was pretty generous.

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