While Sunday Folks is the go-to place for most for incredibly good soft serve and waffles, I do find myself coming back every season also to check out their plated desserts. For Summer '17, A Summer Picnic is available in limited portions daily — a deconstructed dessert that comes with elements such as 55% Dark Chocolate Couverture, Watermelon Cubes, Balsamic Jelly, Pistachio Sponge and Mango Petals as well as Kogiku Chrysanthemum Petals, Kuromitsu Sauce, Mango Coulis and Raspberry Chips. An incredibly extravagant dessert meant to serve as a visual and theatrical affair, the staff first lines up a piece of paper on the table just slightly before bringing out the chocolate sphere that encases all the elements and the sauces on a tray. As soon as it arrives, the chocolate sphere gets smashed to reveal all the elements within, while the sauces and petals get drizzled/sprinkled atop one-by-one — not only it is a show happening in front of your eyes, but the making of the dessert at the table would probably also be the centre of attention of the entire shop (yes, almost everyone including the other patrons) for the moment. Something that's worth paying for if you are into dramatic plated desserts that is worth the video/Instagram.