Having passed by D’Pasta Hero quite a number of times during those random walks that I like to make between Marsiling to home, they have been a spot that I have been waiting to visit for a while — though the coffeeshop that it is located at can be quite difficult to locate for those that aren’t familiar with the area (they are in the same coffeeshop as t香港街珍达记 881 XO 鱼头米粉 at Blk 306A Woodlands Street 31). The stall can’t be more striking however; fitted with a signboard which features yellow text over blue background, a superhero motif for its logo and neon lights on the wall, one could easily spot this fairly new stall pretty easily that stands out from the entire outlook of the coffeeshop. D’ Pasta Hero’s menu is actually rather extensive for the sort of stall it is — not only do they serve up a whole lineup of pastas where patrons are able to choose from the pasta type and opt for addons, but they also do have sides such as Truffle Fries, Fried Chicken Wings and even Mussels in White Wine Sauce whilst offering soups and burgers as well.

Tom Yum Seafood Pasta has been making their rounds at various western food establishments these days, but I like how the pasta options here do include more uncommon ones such as Farfalle which I ended up opting for. The Tom Yum Seafood Pasta features elements such as prawn, squid, mussel, garlic, lemongrass, red chili flakes and a creamy tom yum sauce. Truth to be told, this was in fact one of the least creamy Tom Yum pastas I have ever had when it comes down to the sauce — this was more akin to the creamy Tom Yum of mama noodles rather than the usual Tom Yum cream pasta often found in similar establishments; it’s nothing short of being zippy and flavoursome with a evident refreshing note from the lemongrass as well, whilst not being particularly spicy so those with low tolerance for spiciness will be able to enjoy it as much as I did. The pasta was done al-dente; comes with a good bite while the variety of seafood was of decent quality for the price (the basic item costs only $6.90) — pretty fresh and seemingly better than some other coffeeshop stalls serving up western cuisine overall.

Given its relatively hidden location within Woodlands, D’ Pasta Hero is undoubtedly one of those uncovered gems in the neighbourhood — while the customisability of the pasta here certainly takes the cake considering how patrons are able to pick between the type of pasta and go for add-on ingredients such seafood and proteins, it is the execution of the pastas with the quality of the ingredients used for its price point that won us over. We were pretty impressed with the various dishes we have had — perhaps even probably one of the best places for pasta in a coffeeshop in Woodlands; one that is a rarity in the North. A spot that we are looking forward to re-visiting to try the other items they have on the menu; the Pesto, Pork Bolognese and Spicy Chicken Pasta being the items which we have our eyes on for any subsequent visits made here!