This is the last tapas post, I swear. Yes, really DOES have THAT many tapas options, and that’s a swell thing when you also have a $35++ all you can drink alcohol buffet going on from Mondays to Thursdays. It’s almost like they plan on everyone getting alcohol munchies...⠀

First up are the Ropa Vieja Bites ($15++), which is a traditional Cuban dish that’s been turned into a tantalising tapas by Head Chef Alex Moreno. Yep, it’s shredded, slow cooked beef. Chef Moreno is quite the bovine expert, and it is definitely evident with these beefy bites. The salty, sumptuous & tender beef is perched upon a decent dollop of guacamole, and the bedrock of this entire tasty tango is a deep fried plaintain.⠀

I like to call it the Caribbean banana, because that’s essentially what it is. It is actually kind of bland, which works here as it doesn’t obfuscate the savouriness of the pulled beef, and has a texture akin to a Chinese fish cracker that’s gotten slightly stale. It doesn’t sound that great, but the soft crunch just before it all falls apart is pretty pleasant. It works mainly because tapas is intended to be a one-biter, and these Ropa Vieja Bites fold in on themselves to make it more manageable to manoeuvre into your maw.

Chase one of these babies down with a glass of wine & thank me later.

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