From Mr Lorbak, finally reopened yesterday at the Ubi 350 coffeeshop at Blk 350 Ubi Ave 1 after its brief stint at another coffeeshop in Bedok. The stall offers only one dish; the Braised Pork Rice at $3.50 with an option to add dry pickled Chinese mustard on the side for $0.50.

Besides the meat, there are a few more items including two halves of braised eggs and black fungus as well. Each portion comes with a single slab of pork; its thickly cut in a square and despite not looking like a lot, is pretty substantial in portion. Rice was cooked well; the grains were distinguishable and the braised gravy was light but balanced; it runs softly with the spices used at the back of tongue without becoming an onslaught of saltiness through and through. The meat carried a good ratio of fat to lean meat — the top all gelatinous and jiggly while the bottom gives it a bite; again the marination was done pretty light but it enables the meatiness to come through without being too porky. While it comes at an option, the addition of the dry pickled Chinese mustard is highly recommended — the crunch and its mellow yet contrasting tanginess provided much of a refreshing change of flavours in between scoops of rice and meat.

Do note that the stall churns out batches of meat each time they run out, so there is definitely some waiting involved as they replenish the braised pork; was lucky that I only needed to wait for 10mins but I am not sure how long it can get. Still, it's definitely a stall to check out if one is in the area.