[Available on Burpple Beyond] I’m going to be straight up transparent – I work here. 😶 I know it’d be futile to try and review this, so I’ll just try and drop nuggets of information about the Immunity Booster (aka smoothie) without sounding too sales-oriented 😂:

▪️ It has Doki Doki’s Immunity Booster (Passionfruit with Camu Camu) instant superfood juice, banana and milk in the mix
▪️ I got this with an associate, claiming 1-for-1
Boosters with Burpple Beyond
▪️He got the Antioxidant Booster, which had blueberry instead of passion fruit. Objectively speaking, his was sweeter in comparison to this one
▪️ The smoothies you will get if you order will come in a smaller-sized cup than pictured

Burpple Beyond always makes my makan journeys better – I don’t really feel the pinch if I’m getting 2 for the price of 1! 🥰