This is the fast food version of the very successful Putien chain of restaurant. Lor Mee, Cha Hoon (Fried Bee Hoon), Bian Rou Soup, all in a set meal format and customers can choose to add on appetisers like pickled vegetables or radish and a drink, all for $8.90.

I ordered the Lor Mee set and Bian Rou Soup. The food is served in bowls made with recycled paper. The Lor Mee is unlike those you get at Putien restaurant. This one is more like Chinese La Mian. Comes with two shrimps, two pieces of pork, cabbage and fried bean puffs. The Bian Rou is very much like those you get in the original Putien restaurants. Just add vinegar and chilli sauce and you have a very tasty soup with dumplings.

I think I’ll stick with the original Putien restaurants even though they are pricier. This is a poor representation of Putien cuisine, even though I like the idea of fast food style Putien food.