The mains at are sublime, and the desserts are divine. They’ve hired a talented pastry chef who makes the desserts daily in house, and good god their sweets are absolutely splendid.⠀

The Kyoto ($7.90) is definitely a sleeper hit, and I was utterly floored by just how incredibly delectable this dessert was. The Kyoto is a houjicha swiss roll, and the houjicha sponge is absolutely loaded with the roasty redolence of green tea that’s been roasted over charcoal. It is pretty sweet, but not saccharinely so, and it’s definitely the way to finish any meal on a sweet note. ⠀

The little houjicha jelly cube in the centre of it all is a houjicha bomb, blasting its strong flavour onto your palate to really drive home the fact that you’re having a houjicha dessert. Texturally, it gives a contrasting sticky resistance to the soft, spongy and ethereally light texture of the whipped cream and sponge layers.⠀

Roll up on this houjicha swiss roll fam, don’t miss it.

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