It’s #tacotuesday, and I wanna taco ‘bout how revolutionary these flippin’ fabulous fish tacos from @tonito.singapore are ($18++ for a ménage à trois). Fried fish tacos are a dime a dozen, but Tonito’s are so clear of the majority it’s not even fair to the other players anymore. The flour tortilla transporting everything is standard stuff, but like what your parents always used to say, it’s what’s inside that really matters. And the stuff inside these toasted flour tortillas are simply stellar. ⠀

Thick fingers of fish (probably dory) are brilliantly battered in the most ethereal encasement I have ever had the pleasure of biting into, and are deep fried to absolute perfection. The tremendously thin layer of batter is astonishingly airy, and is crispier than a freshly minted hundred dollar bill. That impossibly thin batter barely conceals the flaky, moist & meaty fish underneath.⠀

If these fried fish were to be taken on their own, it would merely be decent as opposed to spectacular. Thankfully for the fish, the accompanying pineapple salsa & tartar sauce are its ride or die homies who uplift the fried fish into another plane of palatability. The tangy & satisfyingly salty tartar sauce blesses the fish with it’s unctuous, savoury qualities while the peerless pineapple salsa provides sweetness & sourness to light up all the taste receptors simultaneously.⠀

The pineapple salsa is undoubtedly what led the tacos into flavour nirvana. The ripe diced pineapples were invitingly sweet, while the added diced tomato & a squeeze of lime juice turned up with a whole lot of extra zest. The saliva extracting sourness completely offset any negligible greasiness from the fried fish, while cohabiting with the salty & sweet elements exceptionally well for a perfect, piquant harmony of flavours that are utterly irresistible.⠀

Now, some of you are thinking that paying twenty bucks for a trio of tacos is extortionate, but that’s where #burpplebeyond comes in. Oh yeah, all tacos are one for one with Burpple Beyond! Get in there and smash these spec-taco-lar babies, stat!⠀

Truly appreciate the generosity, @tonito.singapore & @burpple!