GelatiAmo is the latest addition to the one-north neighbourhood; a new gelato parlour that is located within Connexis which is just above one-north MRT Station, the cafe, which seems to be owned by an Italian in the kitchen focuses on serving up Italian gelato that are stored in Pozetti — basically a stainless steel round containers that are covered with lids. Here, they serve their gelato in cups, cones, waffles and even donuts; patrons can even opt between a square donut or a round, bombolone-styled version that comes without filling — they are also available as-is without the gelato, alongside other bakes such as the croissant as well. Beverage options revolves around various espresso-style coffee, which includes pretty standard items such as the Espresso, Long Black, Latte, Flat White and Cappuccino.

Opting for the Square Donut for the novelty of it, we went for the Pistachio Gelato to go along as the scoop of gelato of our choice for the donut. The donut comes shaped in a square — almost akin to that of a pillow, though still comes with a round hole in the middle as with the usual donuts that are shaped in a circle; the scoop of gelato is cleverly placed in the said hole. Felt that the donut was a little a less fluffy than what we would have expected it to be — somewhat more towards the bready side; probably more intended to give a crisp texture on the exterior akin to that of a fried mantou given how we seem to detect that light crispness of fried donut dough going around the edges somewhat. The main star here is undoubtedly the gelato here though; the Pistachio Gelato is undoubtedly one of the better ones we have had around — it comes especially aromatic with profound notes of the nut going around, which comes with that saltish note of the nut alongside the nuttiness that is typical of the nut itself. The gelato was also dense and sticky; a characteristic of gelato that distinguishes it from ice-cream and is undoubtedly smooth as well.

Given how we have visited GelatiAmo on their very first day of operations, they were only offering four flavours of gelato, though they seem to have the capacity to offer more based on the number of Pozzeti they have. Whilst the Pistachio Gelato was on point, the flavours here available on the day of our visit felt that they were a bit on the “safe” side; not sure if this was intended to preserve some form of authenticity to what they have to offer. Whilst we are not quite in the position to comment on the round donuts, the square donuts do feel that it requires further tweaking to achieve the intended texture that they seem to be striving for. Nonetheless, GelatiAmo makes for a convenient spot within one-north for some quality Italian gelato; somewhere that is worth checking out if around the area!

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