Known as the legendary grandparent of all Fish Head Steamboat in Singapore, you’ll find Nan Hwa Chong buzzing with diners of all ages, eagerly flocking in for a heartwarming and satisfying meal. Do make reservations, even on weekdays!

The first thing that catches our eye is the bubbling fish bone broth, brimming with large chunks of grouper, tang oh, Chinese cabbage, seaweed and yam sticks. All of these simmering merrily atop smoldering mangrove wood charcoal briquettes. The towkay's choice of charcoal briquettes ensures the broth reaches the perfect temperature, adding an extra touch of expertise to the dining experience.

Not too sure if it’s because we spent some time on taking pictures, but when we started to dig in, we couldn’t find much fish meat. We presumed that they have all disintegrated into the soup. So make sure to dig in asap!

Nan Hwa Chong offers a range of fish options including pomfret, red snapper, red grouper and song fish. Prices vary depending on the pot size you choose, ranging from $39 to $72. For those who love to customize your steamboat, add-ons like cabbage and sliced yam are available for an additional $4.

To complement your steamboat, Nan Hwa Chong offers an array of side dishes such as:
👍🏻Signature Pork Belly
Marinated in nam yu (fermented red bean curd paste) overnight, this was crispy and umami-packed.
🌱Signature Homemade Tofu
Consists of seafood, fish and tofu paste.
👍🏻Salted Egg Pork Ribs
Deep-fried pork ribs drenched in a creamy, addictive and savoury salted egg sauce.
🥦Broccoli with Scallops
Simple but hearty.

I’m pretty sure your family member of all ages will get to enjoy a hearty meal here!