Som Tam serves a huuuuge selection of Thai-fusion dishes that are very affordable (none of the mains cost > $15), especially with those generous portions. Generally, the savoury dishes were a tad too sweet 🍬 for my liking, and lacking that πŸ’₯ burst of spice and tanginess that is so characteristic of Thai cuisine. That said, I enjoyed the chicken dishes, namely the salted egg chicken (bottom-left), grilled chicken skewers (top-middle) and garlic chicken (not featured), which were fragrant and had good strong flavours, though I must say that there was nothing distinctively Thai about them. In contrast, the exotic ice-cream flavours (green curry and Thai basil with choc chip) that accompanied the "After You" toasts were intense and are definitely worth a try if you have tired of the usual sweet and creamy lot. If you aren't too adventurous (like me πŸ˜…), have the watermelon or sticky rice ice-cream (and perhaps the Thai iced tea flavour, which I didn't get to try) which are more mellow on the tastebuds. πŸ‘… (From top to bottom, left to right: Tom Yum Koong, Gai Satay, Som Tam, Kapi Beef Burger, After You Toast, Oozy Chicken, Pasta X Chicken X Green Curry = ??)