For the month of June 2022, Baristart has launched a limited-time series of matcha-based desserts and drinks and one such item is the matcha cream puff! The item is based on Baristart's famous cream puff - it contains the same choux crust albeit with green tea powder sprinkled over it's exterior, and the interior contains a thick matcha-based cream filling! We liked the matcha filling a lot as it was pretty bitter and concentrated, and it was definitely a big change from the sweet fillings in their usual cream puffs. The choux crust retained it's crisp texture even with the cream filling so you can take each bite with a nice crunch.

That being said, the matcha cream puff is pretty pricey and it costs $9++, which is a notch above the usual cream puff. Nonetheless, it was a great dessert and we might try it once more while it is available!

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