Yes, Singapore’s going back into lockdown because some horny ass COOMERS COULDN’T KEEP IT IN THEIR PANTS AND NOW I CAN’T GO TO THE GYM OR FUEL MY OUT OF CONTROL ALCOHOLISM AT BARS AGAIN AAAAAAA-ahem, excuse me, I seem to be having technical problems.⠀

Hello, and welcome back to your regularly scheduled food review program. Tonight, we’ll be countering the bitter news of yet another lockdown with a sweet treat from @khaohomsg, made by the hottie that is Rung Mama. When I first heard of the Mango Sticky Rice Cake ($12++), I actually thought it was an actual traditional cake. As you can see, I was wrong, but that’s a good thing.⠀

A slew of sliced Thai mangoes were artfully arranged in a ring to contain the subtly sweet sticky rice, and the rice is concealed under an avalanche of diced Thai mangoes and red rubies, which are water chestnuts mixed with tapioca starch. A light drizzle of coconut milk has already rained upon the dessert, but there’s more if you wish to really make it rain.⠀

The mangoes were sweet & sour, with the sweet cancelling out the sour & vice versa. The sticky rice was a delight to devour, and its sticky softness contrasted perfectly against the firm mangoes. Most of the sweetness actually comes from the coconut milk, and so that’s entirely customisable by you. As such, we’ve got a lovely, nuanced dessert that ain’t just good for the gram, but good for your body (especially your stomach).⠀

For the final time now, ขอขอบคุณ @burpple & @khaohomsg for hosting us!

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