This seductive Grandma’s Carrot Cake just sat on the cake stand right in front of the restaurant’s entrance. One might have wondered if the S$18.00 dessert was worth the damage, and I sure thought it did!

The portion was impressively big, bigger than a floppy disk box (does anyone even know what this is by the way?). It was what it was, with “Grandma’s” homemade deliciousness and love in a dense and generous cake, as well as a rich and citrusy cream cheese frosting. There was even at least one wall of walnuts, on top of those found within the cake layers, for those who liked extra crunch.

The cake was good for sharing, but if you had a big heart (and stomach) for carrot cakes, you might consider eating it by yourself. Just be prepared that the frosting might be too rich for liking beyond the 60% mark.