Ordered a bunch of dishes in this cafe selling Taiwanese food and here are my favourites:

Golden Chicken Fritters ($8.50) - now this is bloody addictive. The outer shell is really crispy and the chicken is tender and succulent and very well flavoured.

Panko Canadian Pork Chop ($10.90) - equally as addictive, with an even crisper outer skin. The pork meat within is tender and flavourful too!

Taiwan Lu Rou Rice ($13.50) - I especially loved the braised sauce, although it isn't authentic. The sauce still has a good bold braised flavour and the generous fatty meat they gave was really tender and full of flavour!

Strawberry Soufflé Stackers ($17.90) - definitely a dessert enough to share with 4 people. The Soufflé Pancakes were very fluffy and went so well with the strawberry jam and strawberry yogurt ice cream. Add the condensed milk for extra sweetness!

Sadly, the Oyster Mee Sua ($14.50) was a miss as the oyster and pork intestines seemed not fresh 😢

All in all, I feel like the food items were pretty expensive, but perhaps I will be back for the rice and fried snacks once in a while 😍