Previously located at Great World City, House on the Moon is back at it after taking a short hiatus ever since they had moved out of their former premises — they have since moved to GR.iD along Selegie Road, which houses other F&B establishments such as Isshin Machi, OOTB, Shinsho Ramen and Chops! Grills and Sides amongst others. Still being the open kitchen concept where patrons sit around the counter that surrounds all the action happening in the kitchen, House on the Moon has extended their menu to include sous vide meats and pastas, alongside their signature plated desserts with tea pairings and tarts that were previously available at their Great World City location.

The Moon Walk was a dessert which we had tried during our visit to their Great World City outlet when they had first opened their doors back then — this is essentially the same as what it was; features elements such as Yogurt, Nut Butter and Coconut. A dessert that is conceptualised by Chef Juan Amandor of Alma by Juan Amandor and Hüseyin Turan of House on the Moon, this is a dessert that was easy to have; one that combines the use of more neutral flavour profiles such as coconut and vanilla alongside crumbles, white chocolate bits and nut butter, as well as yogurt that provides for tang that gives a contrast of flavours to the dessert — one that is rather soothing without any heavier elements such as chocolate or berries, yet being sufficiently rich and creamy. Those smooth textures are complimented with the crunch from the crumbles, and some fluffy elements such as the yogurt-infused bits of cake included — all that pairing well with the tea that accompanied the dessert which carries notes of coconut and cream within.

It is pretty interesting how House on the Moon has settled themselves in this corner of the island — somewhat of a gem in the area considering how most of the eateries around this area doesn’t have quite the focus that they share; more catered towards the mass market than gourmands. That being said, I really like how they are able to show adaptability in the presentation of their plated desserts in tart form — allowing patrons to have the experience of the plated dessert that is usually suited for dine-in in a takeaway-friendly format. House on the Moon is a spot that is worth making the trip for those who are looking for plated desserts — there aren’t many places around that serves desserts this way, and this makes them pretty unique as an F&B establishment that revolves themselves around such a theme.