Friday, fryday, gotta get down on Friday, and that’s why we’re at @fiveguyssingapore. I’ve seen so many of my friends from on insta swear that Five Guys fries are the best in Singapore, and I’m starting to see the merits of their arguments.

Made with the finest Dutch potatoes on the day I visited, these French (technically Dutch due to the potatoes used) Fries were an absolute revelation. Each fry is pretty chunky, and it feels a lot like Five Guys made smooth, creamy mashed potatoes, shaped it into a fry, battered it & deep fried it in peanut oil. And good golly it works flawlessly. I suspect Five Guys used Heston Blumenthal’s triple cooking method to produce fries this crisp & fluffy, and the result is that these cajun fries are probably the best fast food fries in the market.⠀

Each fry was evenly coated with that salty, spicy cajun seasoning, and I found myself physically incapable of resisting the urge to shovel every last fry into my voracious maw. The fries taste pretty clean from being deep fried in the peanut oil, which is great as rancid smelling oil is a death sentence for any fried spud. This is the small portion of cajun fries mind you, and it’s about the equivalent of a medium sized portion of fries from most other fast food merchants.⠀

Five Guys may not have the most awe inspiring burger in the game, but they certainly got their French fry game on lock.