Tea Chapter has a tea appreciation course which takes place over several days, but if you don’t have that much time (like me), they also have a tea appreciation workshop that takes place over several hours. There are two options and I went for the one that lets me sample six teas and cost $60+

The workshop consisted of:
- the history of tea: this was lecture style and focused on the history of tea in China
- hands-on section on how to drink and appreciate the different types of tea: the six types of tea we drank were white, yellow, oolong (made using a zisha pot, the tea was their imperial golden cassia), black (red guan yin), green (longjing), and dark (pu-er).
- free time for us to try brewing the tea. They gave us tea eggs and a variety of tea cookies to go with the tea. There didn’t seem to be a time limit so it was a good time to have a chat with a friend over tea.

The Shifu was very knowledgable and made the entire workshop interesting and fun. He speaks both English and Chinese so you can opt to have the workshop in either language.

I would recommend this to people looking for a fun way to get into tea appreciation.