Green chilli chicken + long beans + peanuts ikan bilis @ $5.20

#01-63 Indonesian food sold by Chinese. Saw a long queue the previous time I was at the food centre and the plates that everyone was walking away with all looked damn good so was very tempted to try.

Came at about 1pm on a Friday and there's no queue at all. Was deciding between the normal chilli or green chilli and in the end went with the latter to give it a try. The green chilli taste is quite mild but the chicken is very tender and juicy, and it's also quite a huge portion.

Also liked that they gave a big portion of the peanut and ikan bilis as compared to how other stalls usually just sprinkle a few on the plate.

There's two types of chilli that are on self-service. The orange one (i think is belachan) is very nice and has a good kick. The red one (I think is sambal) tastes a little weird, but maybe cuz I was expecting the malay kind of sambal chilli.

In any case, it's really good and definitely will be back to try other dishes but after I try other stalls here also.