Well, for me, is a first.
Saltish Beancurd(咸豆花)($2.50)😋
Silky Beancurd in soya sauce mixture with hint of fragrance sesame oil, topped with a spoonful of preserved turnip then sprinkle with spring onions.
Reminds me of eating Chee Cheong Fun in soya sauce and sesame oil. Just that now is Beancurd. Surprisingly savoury tastisfying.
Saltish Soya Drink(咸豆浆)($1.80)😱
A unique experience. By name, it is saltish. By taste, it is vinegary overdose than saltish counterpart.🤷🏻‍♂️ We were all caught by surprise by the first mouthful of this. The first moment that this dish enters into our mouth to savour on it. The instant sharp sourish face reaction came upon.😖 Come with some cut dough fritter in it. That one is a vinegary bomb sia.
Cold Beancurd($2.00)😐
It funny that after you had the saltish one, their normal beancurd topped with crushed ice became somewhat tasteless although there is still sweet syrup in it but you can't taste much of it. Just go for their Saltish Beancurd if you ever visit. Even my diabetics sweet tooth friend also agree with my statement.
Cold Soya Bean($1.60)👍
Chilled soya bean. Quite okay. Sweetness alright but can be a little more sweeter. Remember to pair it with dough fritter and eat and drink it. So nice.
Mochi You Tiao($3.20)👌
Chewy mochi wrapped within crispy dough fritter. Indeed crunchy and soft within.😅
You Tiao($1.40)🤨
Dough fritter itself was not that good, but dipping to cold soya bean is just a whole new story about it. Such a great pair.
🚩Yong He Eating House (永和豆浆油条大王), 458 Geylang Road, Lor 24A Geylang, Singapore 389417
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