@shakeshacksg new New York Steakhouse Burger sounded extra promising, so I made my pilgrimage to the best fast food burger chain in Singapore to wrap my jaws around this promising burger. The NY Steakhouse Burger (double patty, $15.90) is a regular smashburger that’s been beefed up by the addition of grilled portobello mushrooms and crispy deep fried onion strings, and sauced up by horseradish peppercorn mayonnaise.⠀

The combo of beef, crispy onion strings & mushrooms takes me back to the good ol’ days of American steakhouses like Sizzler & Ponderosa, where the steaks would be smothered in a heaping helping of fried onions & mushrooms. Here at Shake Shack, a burger is the one getting smothered instead, and it is utterly glorious. ⠀

The delicious smashed beef patties are glued together by melted white cheddar, and the slices of portobello mushrooms give the beef an even more satisfying chew and a deeper, earthier umami flavour. The fried onions were absolutely inspired, as their crunchy qualities stood out in a burger with nothing but soft textures and kept your palate from experiencing textural fatigue. The onions were a delectable combo of sweet & salty, further exalting the already intense flavours.⠀

Unfortunately, the horseradish peppercorn mayo was a flop. While I did detect a smidge of horseradish in the sauce, along with a notable pepperiness, it lacked the pungent taste and intense heat expected of horseradish. As such, the burger’s greasiness did get out of hand at times, and I had to rely on swigs of the Shackmeister Ale to cleanse my palate. I really wish that the Shack was more bold with the horseradish, its spiciness & strong flavour would have been perfect for this burger.⠀

Still, apart from the dissatisfying mayo, I’d still stake good money on this steakhouse burger.

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