They have pretty interesting list of desserts that I had to spend some time googling to find out what they were — I eventually ended up with this; a meringue-based dessert where the meringue sits at the bottom topped with mango coulis (?) and covered in whipped cream garnished with white Chocolate shavings while drizzled in a passionfruit sauce. Fits those who fancy sour desserts for the passionfruit sauce gives the entire dessert a rather tart flavour profile; the meringue was actually not too sweet and it was largely crisp and breaks off easily with chewier bits underneath. The layer of mango came with diced mango cubes; does carry a little bit of flavour but not really sweet nor sour and sometimes overwhelmed by the cream. That being said, it's still a pretty decent dessert to end the meal with for a palate cleanser given the refreshing flavour profile of the dessert.