I've had many coffee buns from many bakeries, but none hold a flame when compared to the one sold by Four Leaves and it's associated branches (St. Leaven). I used to buy this almost every day after school when I was in primary school (yeah I'm not the healthiest person :p) and close to 10 years later, the quality of these coffee buns are still top notch.

The coffee in this bun is EXTREMELY FRAGRANT. Many other buns kinda just have a one dimensional coffee taste, but the fragrance of this bun is unbelievable!! The cookie is crispy, sweet, buttery and of course, has a strong coffee aroma. The bread also has the same aroma, being somewhere between soft and chewy, and a buttery, very slightly salty taste is spread evenly across the whole bun. ☕

So far, no other coffee bun has come close to dethroning Four Leaves', and everytime I try this bun, I'm just blown away all over again. It is slightly pricey for it's small size but it's suuuuuper quality stuff 😋

⭐ Rating: 9.7/10 caffeinated clovers
🤑 worth the price: YES
🦖 would I buy again: YES
💍 would I marry: YES