@picolino.sg is the artist formerly known as Lino’s Pizza & Pasta Bar, but I had never sampled their pizzas even back then. So it was high time for me to right that wrong, and get myself a slice.

As for the delicious Duck Rillette ($29++), the duck was divine. Juicy, succulent and suitably sapid thanks to them being slow cooked in fat (much like confit), the shredded duck confit was married to orange jam and a rather fetching balsamic glaze atop the same outstanding pizza base. Unfortunately, the duck fell victim to the problem plaguing nearly all of Picolino’s pizzas: they were all lacking, and they left us wanting a lot more in the wrong way.⠀

Now, the flavours were quite excellent, but at close to thirty dollars before tax & service charge, the toppings were rather meagre. The shredded duck rillette was limited to displaying its deliciousness in flashes due to the lack of it, and there was almost not enough cheese on the base to tie all the ingredients together. It certainly felt like Picolino was holding back hard, and they weren’t allowing their tiptop ingredients to properly shine. Not gonna lie, the pastas felt like much better value, and much more satisfying dishes.⠀

Still, thank you so much for the invite, @picolino.sg & @burpple!

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