Teh Cho-Co-Lat Gu You Gek ($22, 650g). Sounds like a mouthful but it is actually Matcha & White Chocolate Butter Cake. I like how the names of the new range of butter cakes are in #Hokkien and it's fun trying to read the names out loud.
My favourite out of the six butter cakes from @oldsengchoong although each of them is unique and good in its own way. Won't go wrong with matcha and white chocolate as they are a match made in heaven! Rich and decadent with distinct matcha taste. The subtle bitterness of the matcha is balanced with the sweetness of white chocolate chips.
Purists will adore the Gu You Gek ($18, 550g). Rich and buttery, the Original Butter Cake goes well with a cup of kopi.
Other butter cake variants include:
🔹Ang Zou Hup Toh Gu You Gek (Red Dates & Walnuts Butter Cake – $22, 650g)
🔹Long-an Gu You Gek (Longan Butter Cake – $22, 650g)
🔹Yu Kia Tung Gwa Teng Gu You Gek (Yuzu & Winter Melon Butter Cake – $26, 650g)
🔹Mui Qui Loh Gi Zi Gu You Gek (Wolfberries & Rose Wine Butter Cake, $26, 650g)
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