[this is part 3 of 3 (or tinder date 3 out of 3) where i went to three different nasi lemak stalls in a day, please visit the profile for more reviews. i don’t actually use tinder 🤪]

third stop, third Tinder date of the day. at this point i am tired. will i ever find love? this guy Mizzy… he wears uniqlo… his fashion sense, similar to the many side dishes on this plate, is remarkably average.

however, once he started talking, wowwwwwwww. i feel like we have great chemistry, just like the rice and chilli combining into a beautiful mess of mixture that i don’t know how to describe. oh goodness. he has the best personality so far. he has such a perfect balance of sweetness and hotness. he is such a great kisser (don’t ask me how i know 🌚) - just like the rice the kiss is so soft and tender.

such a great date, and the day ended well i am so happy. i cannot wait for the second date. i think i found the love of my life.

10/10 would come back and kiss him again.

i wear uniqlo clothes and i feel insulted
i should also download tinder........