While it’s all too easy to be obsessed with @thelobbyloungesg at @interconsin new cocktails, their new noodle entrées are equally deserving of your attention and stomach capacity. The Our Singapore Laksa ($34++), follows the same doctrine as the hearty Hokkien Mee, with tiger prawns, shredded chicken, quail eggs, fishcakes, rice noodles and a luscious laksa broth all crammed into a behemoth bowl. The laksa broth is lusciously lemak, with a decent amount of coconut cream in this rich & spicy broth. The accompaniments are all spot on, from the fat, fantastically fresh tiger prawns to the joyously bouncy fishcake, and the oodles of quality QQ noodles.

Thank you so much for sending us your noods, @thelobbyloungesg, and thanks for organising this terrific tasting @accela.comms!

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