Really glad to be back here after the menu change and finding a few old classics from their previous menus ending up in their current menu which is scaled-down from their last one (also very glad my favourite Pork Burger still remains in this current rendition).

I clearly remembered having the non-sambal version years ago and thinking it was extremely close to mum's version at home — the ingredients closely resembled mum's cooking even with Ilan Bilis and Luncheon Meat. This Sambal version comes really enjoyable with an unforgiving kick of spiciness that intensifies with every spoonful, while the rice comes with a hint of smokiness from the wok hei (pretty good considering it came from a cafe). I love how there included things like Okra, Beansprouts, Ikan Bilis and small cubes of Potatoes that help create a bite and crunch for the entire dish, hence giving more texture while the Luncheon Meat helps to add a meaty and sinfully savoury touch that everyone would love. Notably, the entire dish doesn't feel at any way too greasy; a big improvement from when I had the non-spicy version years ago. Always enjoy it when cafes offer a touch of local flavours and do them well whilst serving them in a more upscale environment with specialty coffee — Necessary Provisions does exactly that with their Sambal Fried Rice and it's really something that clicks in very well with me.

PS: I am quite intrigued how the Flat White goes so well with this; don't know how but the cup of coffee simply tastes more profound and complex with the Sambal Fried Rice — it might sound pretentious, but I am surprised!