I have read many good reviews of the famous fish dumplings from Song Kee Fishball Noodle and I finally got to try it today! We ordered the dry Fishball Noodle ($7 for medium) and Mixed Soup ($8) and here’s a word of advice: you really don’t need to upsize the noodles as the size of the fishballs is HUGE and they can be quite filling😅

Noodle-wise, the texture is not bad and it is tossed in a fragrant chilli sauce that is packed with dried shrimps. The fishballs, meatballs, fish cakes and fish dumplings are fresh and bouncy, and they go well with the chilli sauce. The fish dumpling is quite unlike the other fish dumplings I have tried - the skin is chewier and the minced meat filling is well seasoned. I also like the addition of taupok stuffed with fish paste as it soaks up the delicious sauce and offers a different texture from the fishballs, fish cake etc.

Personally, I wish the fishballs are a little smaller so that it doesn’t get jelak towards the end of the meal. Nonetheless, this is still a pretty decent bowl of fishball noodles!

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