Located beside Burgs by Project Warung is 怡宝兵如港猪肠粉, a stall that serves up Hong Kong style Chee Cheong Fun — the stall can be identified by "Chee Cheong Fun" on its signage (or just look for Burgs by Project Warung; there is only one stall beside them).

For $4, this does not come cheap but you get eight pieces of fresh prawns — every single morsel carries a piece so you will never feel like there isn't enough. The Cheong Fun here is made-to-order; slippery smooth with just enough flavour from the special soy sauce; not too salty, but it's definitely savoury enough. The prawns are quite plump and succulent, bouncy with a bite while the chili has a unique Otah-esque flavour and spiciness, though a little more savoury and leaning nearer towards a sambal savouriness with that flavour. This is actually one of the few Chee Cheong Fun out there served at a hawker centre/coffeeshop that I find almost on par or even better than those served up at Chinese restaurants — definitely will be back for this one again!