Homemade lobster ravioli with butter pistachio cream and prawns. I’m not a professional photographer but how would one take a proper photo of this wonderful dish served in a long plate? I struggled - so please accept this humble shot (lol).
This dish is pricey - this makes 1 pasta (ravioli? how does singularity work for ravioli) $6 each. But man must I say that this was a worthy, guilty, way too expensive pleasure. Stuffing of lobster meat was worth every dime. And the sauce was a delectable complement to it. Creamy, nutty and slightly savoury.
I would recommend sharing this though, not only because $36 will burn a hole in your pocket - but personally, the nutty creamy sauce got a bit too much for me. And half a portion felt just right. This gives you more tummy space to try their other food too!
Worth a try, but whether I will actually crave for this again is questionable.