A year ago, I made my very first visit to Sushiro when it was just a tiny shop space beside an aisle that is next to Kopitiam at Thomson Plaza — it was my first time ordering their Barachirashi Don which I was pretty blown away with the quality and quantity of fish which they totally just nailed it especially for the price.

A year had since past and Sushiro have moved into their new premises yesterday that is nearer to the entrance of the mall with an actual shop space. The menu and prices are still the same as before, and it now has a larger seating capacity than before with counter seats situated at the end of the restaurant which gives patrons a full view of the chefs preparing food in the kitchen. Got myself the Barachirashi Don which still pretty much was still as good as it was back then and even during my subsequent visits, which speaks for itself.

They are running a promotion today where Barachirashi and Glazed Duck bowls are sold at $10 nett; would totally be willing to pay full price for the bowl but who says no to a promotion anyway 😂? Still, it's really worth mentioning how far they have come since they had started!