Rating: 🌟🌟

Price: $3

This white carrot cake is average but the portion was good. Expected more from this stall since I saw more people queueing as compared to the other carrot cake stall. But I guess the others may not be queueing for the carrot cake, but for the char kway teow or oyster omelette.

Anyways, the chilli was sour, which was really bad. I expected it to be spicy or maybe sweet. But it was sour 🙄 I didn't think it went well with the carrot cake at all. After the 2nd dip, I decided to have the carrot cake just the way it is and it tasted way better without the chilli sauce. Or perhaps I was mistaken, that the chilli sauce wasn't meant for the carrot cake but for the char kway teow or oyster omelette.

Despite the bad experience with the chilli sauce, I must say this $3 was still well-spent - a good and cheap meal to have at the hawker centre.

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