On my recent trips to Hainanese Village, I couldn’t help but to notice the long queue for Punggol Noodles (02-24). Didn’t regret a single bit after joining the queue. Go for the Punggol Noodles ($3) and remember to add on the amazing handmade meatballs ($2/3).

The chef-proprietor Mr Yee has been selling mee pok for over 20 years first in Punggol (hence the stall name), then to Kovan and now to Hainanese Village. Unfortunately, he met with an accident in his earlier days and cooks everything with one hand. And he has went through other trials and tribulations too. I admire his grit and determination as being a hawker is tiring enough.

We had the dry version of the Punggol Noodles and added some meatballs - essentially mee kia (thin yellow noodles) that’s mixed with a chilli vinegar seasoning (no chilli and vinegar available too) with minced pork, pork slices, pork liver and meatballs in a clear pork soup. Free flow serving of lard is available. Try to eat in moderation.

Fresh pork is used in making the handmade meatballs every day. Unlike most meatballs, there’s more meat than flour which is such a treat these days as most of them taste pretty uniformed. It was a delightful treat for me and I could feel the softness and bounciness of the meatballs in every bite.

The mee kia was springy and was well coated with the chilli vinegar seasoning. And you’ll get some stewed shiitake mushrooms to accompany your noodles. I appreciate how the pork liver is not fully cooked so it’s not dry and hard when you eat it.