Had the burpple deal one-for-one ice cream.
Due to covis-19, we can't try the flavors but definitely not disappointed with those that we chose.
Tucked in neighborhood/hdb area, we found this small cafe.
I got to say, though they might not have many variety of ice cream like bigger ice cream chains, I was amazed by the quality of the ice cream. It was firm and packed with flavors. They nailed on all the flavors that we tried : Matcha (not overly powdery), Honey Lavender (beautiful purple. The freshness and fragrance of the ice cream made it a delight), salted caramel (caramel with a touch of saltiness made a good combination with the waffles). Overall, I love the ice cream and the fact that it is not overly sweet and no-nonsense ice cream.
Shop is hard to find and small but the ice cream made it a deserving trip :)